Great Island Inn

Location: New Castle, NH
Owner:  Doug Palardy

Great Island Inn

A drastic renovation transformed an unkempt 1800’s-era residence on New Castle Island into a sleek, modern apartment-style inn. In addition to the renovation, the third floor was completely rebuilt. Now, six elegantly designed guest studios, including one fully accessible unit, offer travelers fully equipped kitchens, personal concierge services and in-room laundry facilities. In addition to design work, Lassel Architects coordinated with civil engineers and the landscape architect on an outdoor patio/garden for guests, a fully accessible building entry and an environmentally friendly parking area. Interior room layouts were established with comfort and relaxation in mind, reflecting the surrounding quiet coastal town.

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The list of COTE (AIA Committee on the Environment) items was created to help understand how a project meets the needs of users and how it impacts the environment.  The list focuses on best practices and high impact strategies for creating healthy places to live and work.  Here are some ways this project measures up to the COTE list:


The Inn is located in a restored 1800’s-era residence on New Castle Island.


The Inn is a staple of the community, located in the heart of historic downtown New Castle with close proximity to cafes, beaches, the town hall and post office.  The project received overwhelming community support.


Native landscape was incorporated into the exterior design.  Dark sky friendly exterior lighting was implemented.


A complex stormwater management plan included a pervious asphalt parking lot.  Low flow plumbing fixtures can be found throughout the inn.


Many components of the building were salvaged or repurposed during construction.  The building envelope was upgraded and heat pumps were added to each suite to reduce energy use.


Individually controlled heating and cooling control is available in each unit for thermal comfort.  Natural daylighting and interior color palette decisions are pleasing to guests.


The existing building was reused, restored and improved upon.


Structural JSN Engineering
Contractor Shoreline Construction


Year Completed 2016
Guest Suites Six