Wentworth Douglass Lee

Location: Lee, NH
Owner:  Wentworth Douglass Hospital

Wentworth Douglass Lee

This healthcare office building serves as precedence for the future office campus, designed to support the local medical community. The facility provides comprehensive primary care services and on-site lab and imaging in a comfortable, family-focused environment. Lassel Architects worked closely with the Town of Lee to develop the building set in close proximity to Route 125 for maximum street frontage.  Sustainable practices were considered while establishing the building orientation, mechanical systems and building envelope to ensure the building (and buildings yet to come) has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

The campus’ master plan spreads over a 30-acre site behind the inaugural Wentworth Douglass Lee building.  The site design includes multiple new office and healthcare buildings, parking, landscape design and outdoor green space.  The mixed-use development is expected to come to fruition in phases to come.

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The list of COTE (AIA Committee on the Environment) items was created to help understand how a project meets the needs of users and how it impacts the environment.  The list focuses on best practices and high impact strategies for creating healthy places to live and work.  Here are some ways this project measures up to the COTE list:


The project is part of a master plan for future development on a site owned by the hospital.  The building and  site connect with abutting development as a key intersection in part of a larger retail zone.


The building is a stop on a local bus route.  It is walkable from shopping areas across the street and adjacent to the site.  The building form and scale is consistent with mmedical facilities in the region.  It is a fully accessible facility that provides outpatient services for the community.


The site is located above a large aquifer.  The design allowed filtration of water run-off through bio swales.  Extensive pervious paving was used to improve storm water management.  All plantings are local and sustainable.  The high performance building shell limits heat and solar gain in the summer.


All fixtures throughout are low volume water flow.  Careful attention was paid to storm water management and protection of the aquifer.


Durable, low-maintenance materials were used throughout.  Exterior wall insulation is outside the building envelope allowing for cost effective fit out for future condominium ownership.


The exterior shell and windows are air tight.  Daylight is optimized in all interior spaces.


A fresh air makeup system and zoned heating and cooling provide thermal comfort in all weather conditions.  Low VOC interior finishes improve indoor air quality.


Building materials have a high recycled content.  Waste during construction was minimized.  Native plants were used throughout the landscape that require little to no watering.


The development is on the site of a former quarry and will contribute to the growing retail zone.  Added leasable space will increase the density of the development.


Structural JSN Associates
MEP/FP Bennett Eengineering
Civil Civil Works
Landscape Woodburn & Company

Contractor TLT Construction


Year Completed 2010
Size 42,000 square feet