Location: Hampton, NH
Owner: Wöhner International


The name Wöhner has been synonymous with top performance and technological innovation for more than 90 years.  Today the Wöhner Group is well established worldwide as a competent and reliable partner for energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies.  The company enlisted Lassel Architects to convert a dilapidated warehouse in seacoast New Hampshire into a modern office and assembly facility.  Wöhner New Hampshire now operates out of a space that boasts clean lines, modern materials and details that complement the company’s German roots and long-standing, strong brand.  The family owned, forward-looking company promotes the safe use of energy worldwide and now has an efficient and reliable space to uphold service to New England for decades to come.

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The list of COTE (AIA Committee on the Environment) items was created to help understand how a project meets the needs of users and how it impacts the environment.  The list focuses on best practices and high impact strategies for creating healthy places to live and work.  Here are some ways this project measures up to the COTE list:


Spaces have a visual and physical flow through the offices and circulation back to the factory floor; a departure from a typical orthogonal project by having curved radius walls and a gentle turn from glass window heads to jambs.  The transition from locations is clear and unobstructed, resulting in an efficient building with a streamline look.


The community connection at Wöhner is elevated with a generous break room.  Special attention was paid to the design of employee locker rooms.  The connection from the office to the high gloss epoxy factory floor encourages a social equity throughout the building.


The glass walls serve as office boundaries while optimizing daylighting and providing views to the outside.  The ceilings use a perforated gypsum, abetting comfortable office acoustics while keeping in line with clean edge design.

Design Consultant Amir Rezaii

Contractor Ricci Construction


Size 4,500 square feet Robotic Warehouse 6,000 square feet rehabilitation manufacturing including engineering space and offices